85th Congress of Acfas

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McGill University, Montreal
8th-12th May 2017

The annual convention of Acfas (Francophone association for Knowledge) is the most important interdisciplinary meeting for knowledge and research of the francophone community. It gather together thousands of researchers and research end users, coming from about thirty countries. The francophone scientifique community takes advantage of this appointment to show its most recent works, know the latest research developments, debate about contemporary issues, and exchange ideas within colleagues, associations and participants. Since the meeting is free and open to everybody, it gives the opportunity for enriching exchanges between researchers and citizens, and it contributes in the same time to the demystification of academic research.

Friday, 12th mai, 9 am, the CRIHN will present a seminar intended to rethink, from a both theorical and practical point of view, the scolar publishing in the digital age.
Organized by Michael E. Sinatra, tenured professor and co-publisher of Parcours numériques, Marcello Vitali-Rosati, associate professor and holder of the Canada Research Chair on Digital Textualities, and Nicolas Sauret, PhD candidate, this seminar has the objective of pinpointing the changes provoked by the digital, in the knowledge production and diffusion in the humanities field. Digital technologies are about to disrupt the scholar publishing. The paper editorial chain does not correspond anymore to the reality of practices of content production, validation and diffusion. Publishing players are in the process of reflecting about required changes in order to adapte themselves to the latest practices and to get the most of avantages as possible from technological possibilities. More specifically, it will be enquired the digital-driven reorganization of the knowledge production and diffusion apparatus, as well as the human sciences content through the scholar publishing.

At 2.30 pm, Nicolas Sauret will give the presentation « Fabrique de la revue en ligne “Sens public” : concevoir la revue scientifique comme espace public ». He will be preceded by Emmanuel Château-Dutier, assistant professor, which will explore the answers given by digital scholar publishing, specifically in what they could contribute to the art history research. Organizers, as well as Emmanuel Château-Dutier, will assure, equally, direction and moderation of this panel.

Marcello Vitali-Rosati will participe also to another discussion, which he will organise too, L'écrivaine, l'écrivain : sujet, objet, facettes, profils. At 2 pm, he will share a reflection on authoriality and editorialization, then he will take part in the panel « Réfléchir l’écrivaine, l’écrivain : quelles méthodes pour quels enjeux? », at 3.30 pm.
Vitali-Rosati will speak in the session Production et transmission des savoirs scientifiques à l’ère du numérique : acteurs, pratiques et outils with the intervention « Les chercheurs et la chaîne éditoriale numérique : l’édition savante à l’ère des GAFAM ».

Enrico Agostini-Marchese, PhD candidate, will participe in the session « Représentations des dynamiques urbaines dans la littérature et le cinéma du Québec et du Brésil ». He will make an intervention entitled « Montréal dans la littérature numérique contemporaine » the 9th May at 2.50 pm.

For further informations about the different sessions involving CRINH and Chaire members, as well as full schedules, you can refer to the Acfas website.

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