DH Showcase 2018

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26 January
1pm, Local C-3061
University of Montreal

For the 6th edition of the CRIHN Vitrine HN / DH Showcase, the organizers invite proposals (in English or French) for demonstration of digital humanities projects and tools. These projects can be, for instance, databases, text mining and data visualization tools, electronic publications, or mobile applications. Two sessions with 5 or 6 demonstrations are planned. Each presenter will first have 3 minutes to present an overview of their project to the whole group, before fielding questions about their projects as audience members circulate among the projects displayed on presenters’ individual laptops. DH showcase gives both participants and the public an overview of the most recent digital humanities research, and creates stimulating discussions around tools, good practices, and research trajectories. Food and drinks will be served.

The event will be followed at 4.30 p.m. with a lecture by Steve Jones (“Reconstructing the First Humanities Computing Center: Modeling What we Don’t know”).

The Chair will participate with three interventions : "Répertoire des écrivains et écrivaines numériques", "Éditer l'imaginaire anthologique: une api pour le codex palatinus", and "Conversations in scholarly journals: experimenting editorial format for scientific communication."

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