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Michael E. Sinatra, « From Dante to the Romantics : The Reception History of Leigh Hunt’s « The Story of Rimini » », The Charles Lamb Bulletin, 2001, p. 120‑143.

1816 was arguably the most significant year in Leigh Hunt's career as a Romantic poet. After a two-year imprisonment, he had spent much of 1815 going back to the theatre and seeing Edmund Kean, the actor whom Hazlitt had praised so highly in the pages of The Examiner. [...]

Michael E. Sinatra, « A Revaluation of Leigh Hunt’s « Lord Byron and Some of his Contemporaries » », The Byron Journal, vol. 29, janvier 2001, p. 17‑26.

The present essay surveys the critical reception of Leigh Hunt's Lord Byron and Some of his contemporaries (1828), the publication of which ultimately dealt the final blow to Hunt's career during the Romantic period. [...]

Michael E. Sinatra, « Introducing « Critical Essays » : Leigh Hunt and Theatrical Criticism in the Early Nineteenth Century », Keats-Shelley Journal, vol. 50, 2001, p. 100‑123.

The years 1801 to 1808 saw the emergence of Leigh Hunt as a public figure on the London literary scene, first with the publication of his collection of poetry, «Juvenilia», and then with his work as theater critic for «The News» between 1805 and 1807. [...]

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