Michael E. Sinatra, « Performing Leigh Hunt’s 1840 Play « A Legend of Florence » », in Monika Class, Terry F. Robinson, (éds.). Transnational England: Home and Abroad, 1780-1860, éds. Monika Class et Terry F. Robinson, Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009, p. 92‑110.

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Leigh Hunt's authorship of « A legend of Florence » (1840) — a drama inspired by the rich cultural, intellectual, and political climate of Italy — reflects, as Michael Eberle-Sinatra demonstrates in the final essay of the first section, not only a literary exchange between England and Italy, but argues that during the creation of his play, Hunt engaged in his own version of border crossing as he managed the transition between writing about and writing for the stage. A complex maneuver that required Hunt to rech beyond his own intellectual boundaries, the shift from critic to dramatist challenged and enriched his thoughts regarding the work of the theater.

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