Lightium, a super simple CMS

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Lightium is a super-simple website organized in a “Category / sub Category / item” hierarchy.

Project leader: Marcello Vitali-Rosati

Team: Arthur Juchereau

Project website: http://lightium.org/fr/

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Project description

The site you are currently visiting has been made with Lightium!

You can install Lightium going to the Chair's Github site

Example can be found at chaire.14159.ninja To install, just copy the git repo to your server and execute index.php, the installation script will be invoked Developped for the Canadian research chair of Digital textualities Focus for next version are : Pagination for drawlisting Default Css (especially for writing) lang.php for lang switching v0.1.3 include: Add version table null filter in the API responses add item even if there is no subCat Javascript correction HTML insertion made possible v0.1.2 include: Insertion / edition of new cat/subcat/item Complete installation script v0.1.1 include: Archive browsing SQLite database reader (all INSERT is made by the install.php) with category/subcategory/item working Strange taste in UI design

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