Marcello Vitali-Rosati, « The Writer is the Architect. Editorialization and the Production of Digital Space », Sens Public, décembre 2017.

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We live primarily in a digital space. The structure of the territory first appears to us by means of the mediation of digital devices, ones predominately owned by large multinational corporations. This situation implies a huge risk – that of remaining passive while private companies organize and develop these spaces for us. How might we avoid this risk ? Is it possible, in the digital age, for us to be central to the production of the spaces in which we live ? How might literature constitute a tool for the production of the spatial imaginary that enables us to reappropriate the places and territories managed by the information industry ? This paper addesses these questions and attempts to show, on the basis of the theory of editorialization, how writing can be a way of producing the space in which we live.

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