Carla Canullo's lecture: The translations of space

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University of Montreal
Carrefours des Arts et des Sciences, local C-1017-02
2.30pm, 24th September 2019

Can we translate the space? It is, of course, a paradox, because the space in which such is "not" and, therefore, is not translatable. However, this translation represents the real challenge of our time, because by digital we are translating (even "transport") space "elsewhere". This translation is not a reproduction. On the contrary, it produces and invents new spaces by also asking us to question the very meaning of space, especially about its "number". Should we still talk about space or will we have to do with spaces instead? And how do digital spaces give us real, concrete spaces - the space we live in?

This lecture is part of the program Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2019 of the Canadian embassy

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