Open access, social and solidarity economy, editorialization: the new faces of scholarly publishing

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Wednesday, November 4th
9-11 am (Montreal time zone)

In a context where the circulation of information and knowledge is now intrinsically linked to digital technology, and where questions about the ways of producing publications are emerging, what strategies are being implemented by the actors who produce and transmit scientific knowledge? What are the new faces of scholarly publishing in contact with the new modes of dissemination, the social and solidarity economy, or the commons? We will answer these questions based on various experiences: collaborative editorialization, open access dissemination, editorial transition, or publishing activities stemming from cooperative societies. Several French and Quebec initiatives will be presented, mobilizing organizational, economic and strategic approaches. French and Quebec structures, familiar with scholarly publishing issues or common will come to present their projects and exchange: Oxamyne, a cooperative based in Lyon; the Presses universitaires de Grenoble; Les ateliers [sens public], a young Quebec publishing house; Captures, a Quebec journal in the humanities and social sciences.
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