CCLA second meeting “Markdown & Semantic Writing”

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November 27th from 2h30pm to 4pm (Montreal time zone)

The CCLA group Matérialités comparatives : Médias, littérature et théorie / Comparative Materialities: Media, Literature, Theory proposes introductive working sessions around the issue of writing in the digital environment. These meetings will be an opportunity for discussion among the various participants.

Continuing the reflections presented during the first session, the aim of this meeting is to question a particular writing format - markdown - in order to understand how this format represents and determines a way of thinking. The workshop will be both practical (presenting and explaining the format) - and theoretical, reflecting on the epistemological issues at stake.

The link of the meeting is the following: https://meet.jit.si/CCLA-MediaLiteratureTheory-SecondWorkSession

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