Misinformation in the age of the web

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Lecture given on November 11
Abidjan or on line.

Marcello Vitali-Rosati's lecture at the 3rd africtivist summit: "promoting development and democratic governance of the Internet in Africa"

#Abidjan2021 will take place over three days and will bring together 50 web activists, change-makers, members of social movements, researchers and innovators, partners, bloggers, journalists and netizens from across the continent around themes such as:

Digital skills and online communities;
Governments: bottlenecks to Internet development in Africa;
Disruptions to civic engagement due to lack of internet access;
Internet governance in Africa: what roles for civil society? Using networks of civil society organizations to promote democracy in Africa.

It should be noted that this event is organized every two years in order to discuss the challenges of the continent in relation to democracy and good governance as well as the place and impact of the digital in democratic processes, governance and citizen awareness.

Link to slides to Marcello Vitali Rosati's presentation

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