Colloquium on Book Studies in the 21st Century - Student Workshops

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From March 10 to May 17, 2021
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Digital culture has profoundly disrupted, particularly since the 2000s, the world of books. Current practices of creation, publishing, and reading are being reconfigured in part around new formats and media for books and literature: "enriched" or "augmented" books, digital books, audio books, interactive applications for mobile devices, and hypertexts navigable on the web. In this process of metamorphosis, the idea of the "book" still occupies an essential place, but thinking about its forms, its production, its dissemination, its positioning within culture cannot now do without a reflection on the consequences of entering the digital age.

The book studies of the book and literature are the result of a process of transformation that has taken place in the last decade.

Book studies in the twenty-first century is a nascent disciplinary field, even though work within it has been conducted in isolation for years. The symposium is an opportunity to connect researchers⋅e⋅s in training, who are devoting their efforts to excavating various aspects of this theme. In order to open up this community broadly, both geographically and thematically, we are proposing a long and asynchronous event, a springtime of 21st century book studies that invites discovery of this new area of research. We invite you to visit the event's website to discover the twenty or so scholarly contributions published at intervals until May - short interventions in various forms: filmed presentation, text including illustrations, narrated digital presentation, audio capture, etc. Your comments, suggestions and questions are expected at the bottom of each intervention, to recreate that dynamic of exchange associated with colloquia and seminars.

With the participation of:
- Antoine Fauchié, on March 10: to be viewed here.
- Moragot Mellet, on March 24: to be viewed here.
- Emmanuelle Lescouet, May 5: here.

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