Debug your humanities - Canada Research Chair in Digital Writing Training

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Serie of digital trainings for humanities.
These trainings will take place starting September 10, every Friday from 9:30am to 11am (Montreal time). These open and free meetings for all will be in person but it will be possible to follow them online and offline as they will be recorded.
You can join the training at this address: https://meet.jit.si/DebugHumanitesCRCEN
You can find the web site regarding the serie at this adress.

Session 01 - 2022-01-14 - SETTING UP YOUR TERMINAL

Installing ZSH and Oh My ZSH, changing the appearance. Discovering the advanced features offered by ZSH. Browsing through the history.

Session 02 - 2022-01-28 - CODE AND TEXT EDITORS

Nano, Vim, EMACS and VSCodium, exploring the possibilities offered by different approaches.


Discovering Bash, creating some scripts, overview of Make.

Session 04 - 2022-02-25 - ACTIONS TO REPEAT

Batch file renaming and other programming introductions.

Session 05 - 2022-03-11 - SSH AND REMOTE CONNECTIONS

How to get in touch with other machines, alone or with others.

Session 06 - 2022-03-25 - SAFEGUARDING YOUR DATA

Reminders of how a computer works, basic principles of redundancy, use of Rsync.

Session 07 - 2022-04-08 - GIT THE RETURN

Actual usage, SSH key configuration, conflict management and merge requests.

Session 08 - 2022-04-22 - MAKING WEB PAGES

Introduction à HTML et CSS, conversion à partir de Markdown avec Pandoc.

Séance 09 - 2022-04-29 - FABRIQUER DES SITES WEB

Introduction aux générateurs de site statique, création d'un mini site web depuis un modèle.

Séance 10 - 19-11-2021 - Imprimer des documents

Enregistrement de la séance.

Introduction à LaTeX : manipuler LaTeX, découverte de Paged.js

Séance 11 - 2022-05-13 - PANDOC EN MODE AVANCÉ

Rappels des usages possibles de Pandoc, découverte des filtres LUA.

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