Parcours Numériques gets a new look!

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The first book of the Parcours Numériques collection, "Pratiques de l'édition numérique", co-edited by Michael Sinatra and Marcello Vitali-Rosati, has been redesigned: it is now available on the new online platform

The book has been migrated thanks to the work of Antoine Fauchié and Hélène Beauchef, with the collaboration of David Larlet and Pauline Hennequart, and with the help of the chair's student interns (Céline Hostiou, Felix-Antoine Allard). With chapters by Marcello Vitali-Rosati, Michael Eberle Sinatra, Alain Mille, Yannick Maignien, Jean-Claude Guédon, Jean-Philippe Magué, Viviane Boulétreau, Benoît Habert, Grégory Fabre, Sophie Marcotte, Fabrice Marcoux, Geoffrey Rockwell Patrick Poirier, Pascal Genêt, Gérard Wormser A thought for Stéfan Sinclair, co-author of the chapter on the potential of digital text and to whom the @crihunum is dedicating a conference on Monday, December 13 at the @umontreal(more info) The publishing chain set up works with Python and Pandoc, developed by the Canada Research Chair on Digital Writing with David Larlet. This publishing chain (from its nickname "press") converts structured documents with Markdown, YAML and BibTeX. The source code will soon be publicly and freely available.

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