#dérive : lire Montréal

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Emmanuelle Lescouët's intervention on tuesday november 9th 2021 at 10am during the international symposium: "Dériver en ville : Variations sensibles et dynamiques aléatoires en espaces urbain"

Through its digital experiments, urban literature allows a kaleidoscopic and polyphonic apprehension of space. This scriptural practice of space, essential in video game narratives, also makes the medium, through its splitting between reading locations, intimately spatial. I wish to study how drifting, as a digital urban literary practice, engenders a reading of space. To do so, I will study the collective Montreal twittéraire work #dérive (2010, in progress) by confronting it to the figures of reading developed by Bertrand Gervais (2007). This fragmentary work builds a permanent anthology of the city through its random and playful exploration, updating the figure of the museur. Its writing (figure of the scribe), both textual and photographic, and in close collaboration with hypertext links and keywords - indicating the belonging of the bill to the project and the precise place that is its object - gives a materiality to this perdition. Through its reading, the work #dérive brings a collective understanding of urban experiences yet personal, allowing the construction of complex meanings (figure of the interpreter). By adding and superimposing themselves, these particular perceptions, poetic, more or less narrative, bring an infraordinary transcription of the city through time, thus archiving an urban text in perpetual rewriting.

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