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Emmanuelle Lescouët's intervention on october 28th 2021 : First meal, absorbtion in the syncretic space.

If to enter the second world, one must often pass through a door, fall into a hole, in short move physically; to fully belong to this world, one must ingest it. Video games often present food as a way to regenerate the protagonist/avatar. In novels and comics, food also plays an important role. Eating is a fundamental cultural fact of a society or environment, sharing the table of the inhabitants of these universes would then be a way to actively participate in this new environment. My intermedia study on the entry into the marvelous will focus on three points : - the first meal as an entry into the world; the first snack on the train to Hogwarts fascinates by the diversity of Berty Crochue's treats, it poses the gap between our daily life and the society of the wizards; in Fablehaven, it is imperative to consume magical food regularly to continue to see the reality behind their common camouflage, etc; - its corollary: not to taste anything to remain in the common world (Pan's Labyrinth, Chihiro's Journey...); - and finally the acceptance of a particular food as the adoption of a mission or the affirmation of a new identity (Death stranding). The place of consumption is also a fundamental place of retreat for all but also for magical beings. Thus in the visual novel Coffee Talk, the café in question is the meeting place and refuge for the magical population of the Seattle of the future.

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