Writings and whispers: from stories to images

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Presentation by Mathilde Verstraete: "Writing and rewriting: a study of variations in the Palatine Anthology"
December 7 from 12:00-6:30 pm

Writes and Whispers, the title refers to a famous Ingmar Bergman film, "Cries and Whispers," in which four women, in a nineteenth-century manor house, stand on the border between life and illness, expectation and oblivion, reality and dream. These multiple, plural borders, perpetually reiterated within the narrative space, concern us all, insofar as the identities and different territories we inhabit position us in a liminal space that constantly calls for being redefined. Emerging research in comparative literature takes the weight of this uncertainty as the starting point of its thinking. Writings and whispers, therefore, it is the passage of the silence of the writing - which is also revolutionary, intimate, compact cry - to the heard, pronounced word, which circumscribes by its tenuousness the fragile circle of its secret. It is in this perspective where we will pass from writing to the transmitted word, and while being sometimes uncertain of where we are, that the conference will be organized. We will deal with these questions through these places of plastic inscriptions that are images, bodies, places, writing, translation and memory.

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