Canadian Society for Digital Humanities 2023 Annual Congress

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May 29-June 1, 2023
The Chair's team is glad to be presenting multiple papers and panels at the Canadian Society for Digital Huamanities' annual congress.

Panel “Collaboration et production du savoir : pour une herméneutique des structure”: Marcello Vitali-Rosati, Eleonora Acerra, Ollivier Dyens, Mathilde Verstraete, Eugénie Matthey-Jonais, Margot Mellet, Yann Audin, Emmanuelle Lescouet, Giulia Ferretti, Arilys Jia

Paper presented for the Canadian Comparative Literature Association, “What Lies under the etites mains: Reconsidering the Traditional Model of the Humanities”: Margot Mellet

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