Midi-conférence du CriAlt: Corpus of digital narratives: literature and video games, a continuum?

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Emmanuelle Lescouet will present part of her doctoral research on January 25 at 12:00 p.m. (Montreal time)
Link: on Zoom.

This will then be a question of intermediality between video games and digital literature.
Video games and digital literature are close: the two fields of study share the same media, quite similar techniques, often common platforms and similar narrative systems. The same is true with materiality, fundamental in the experience of a work. Here again, whether it is digital literature or video games, these materialities are extremely close: same supports, same controllers, etc. In my thesis, I question the relevance of building a corpus in one of these two fields, looking for definitions for each. I wish to discuss the possible establishment of a continuum between the two, and beyond the gaze that is cast on the work, I intend to establish criteria for qualifying works as "more" literary or "more" videogame.

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