The References That Connect Us: Creating Knowledge Networks From a Zotero Library Workshop

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Workshop conducted in collaboration with the Comparative Materialities Research Group of the Canadian Comparative Literature Association on February 22, 2022 at 9:30 (EST) here

References shape us as researchers, as well as the research community, because they represent our work, or are used as a theoretical frame for our work. It is therefore preferable that these references be well structured, and online tools such as Zotero are initiatives that help organize references in a library. But beyond personal use, the principle of a reference library can be approached as a collective space of knowledge. In this workshop, we want to build a Zotero library as a collaborative space for interaction and discussion on the references it contains to display the links between research works and between researchers. By clicking on the link to the library created for the workshop, participants will be able to contribute to the shared library by adding references, structuring existing information, sharing their reading experiences in notes, etc. In order to play with our research data, we are going to fetch this library and produce in Python visualizations of the information and links it is made of to show that our references point to much more than the articles or books they refer to, and that they participate in a true knowledge network.

For the February 22 meeting, we are asking those participating in the workshop to prepare a few references (4-5 references) beforehand and to add them to the participative Zotero library.

This event may be recorded (if you wish, you will be able to turn off your camera).

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