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Michael E. Sinatra, « Readings of homosexuality in Mary Shelley’s « Frankenstein » and four film adaptations », Gothic Studies, vol. 7 / 2, 2005, p. 185‑202.

This essay proposes to read one more time the issue of homosexuality in Mary Shelley's first novel, Frankenstein. In order to offer a new angle on the homosexual component of Victor Frankenstein's relationship with his creature when next teaching this most canonical Romantic novel, this essay considers Shelley's work alongside four film adaptations: James Whale's 1931 Frankenstein, Whale's 1935 The Bride of Frankenstein, Richard O'Brien's 1975 The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Kenneth Branagh's 1994 Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. [...]

Michael E. Sinatra, « Exploring gothic sexuality », Gothic Studies, vol. 7 / 2, 2005, p. 123‑126.

In his well-known analysis of the evolution of sexuality in society in Making Sexual History, Jeffrey Weeks comments that, following a series of major challenges throughout the twentieth century (ranging from Freud's work to the challenges of feminism and queer politics), 'sexuality becomes a source of meaning, of social and political placing, and of individual sense of self'. [...]

Michael E. Sinatra, Leigh Hunt and the London literary scene : a reception history of his major works, 1805-1828, New York, Routledge, 2005, 175 p., (« MyiLibrary »).