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Marcello Vitali Rosati, « Digital Architectures: The Web, Editorialization, and Metaontology », [En ligne : http://blog.sens-public.org/marcellovitalirosati/digital-architectures-the-web-editorialization-and-metaontology/]. Consulté le20 janvier 2016.

This paper will present and try to demonstrate three main theses: Digital space is actual space, the space in which we live. A space is a set of relationships between objects; in our contemporary society, space is a hybridization of connected and non-connected objects that are structured by writing. In digital space, writing occupies a fundamental position. Writing is the essential material of digital space. The web, which is an important part of digital space, is comprised of writing: everything on the web is written; even images and videos are code. Writing is the actual material of digital space. Digital space is best interpreted and understood using a performative paradigm. Digital space is not a representation of reality; it is, however, a particular way of producing and organizing reality. Two main notions will be proposed to illustrate these theses: the notion of editorialization and the notion of metaontology.

Marcello Vitali Rosati, « Profil et collectif – séminaire Écritures numériques », [En ligne : http://blog.sens-public.org/marcellovitalirosati/profil-et-collectif-seminaire-ecritures-numeriques/]. Consulté le20 janvier 2016.